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Babies! Babies! Mess! Babies!

On the plus side, at least the next generation's here at last!


So much mess... I doubt I'll EVER be able to get The Phoenix clean again. Nobody has any Neat points so I have to manually tidy everything!

Suddenly I miss staging...

Post-Chapter 6 Technicalities

It happened. It's official.He's gone.Collapse )

Boston Marathon

I don't quite know how to adequately express my disgust at yesterday's events in Boston. I may live in a different nation and be completely removed from the place and people affected, but I still feel deeply upset by what happened. It's so devastating for everybody involved.

There are some sick bastards out there in this world of ours.



Are you ready for melodrama? Are you ready for more plot than ever before? Are you ready to get emotional? In that case, I proudly present to you Chapter 6 of Their Continuing Mission - and trust me guys, this is a biggie.

In the last chapter, it was revealed that the Queen (AKA Scary Obsession) was working with Esther the vampire on some mysterious deeds, seeming to involve the manipulation of an unnamed man. Zefram and Lexie became elders and faded into senility, relying on Bonobo, the family dog, to help them cope with their conditions. David took over the running of the household, as Pip pondered his future and the difficulties of being the heir to his father's legacy. Sidney dedicated his life to looking after his family, in any way that he could. Pip grew into an adult, took a job in the Journalism career, and finally asked Maxine to marry him: she said yes.

The story continues under the cut...Collapse )

Staging Woes

Urgh, staging is driving me mad!! I miss the days of a point-and-click legacy. I kind of wish we'd never evolved into prettier, more organised stories, but I feel like there's no going back now... Do you stage? Do you hate it? Do you love it? Does it make you as crazy as it makes me!?

Sigh. Back to it!

Caption Conundrum

Does anybody else leave it months and months after filming a scene before they actually write it? I've got a load of tricky-to-reshoot, intricately-posed, absolutely confusing pictures from May last year, and I'm not sure what exactly the characters were meant to be saying. It's vital to my plot, but I just can't think what dialogue I particularly had in mind at the time...

Is it just me? 
Hello! It's been a while since I last updated, so I thought it was definitely time to reconnect with the world. Warning: there's picspam, planking, cats, and nerdiness to follow! (And a teeny bit of Sims 2 talk...)

Would you like to know what I've been up to?Collapse )

On Absenteeism

I'm trying to break my bad habit of being a Sims community recluse. 
Excuses and Cats!Collapse )